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 Where did it all begin?


Mum and I went to a few classes in cupcake decorating and making Christmas Cookies in 2012.  

Cupcake making started in 2013, but Cakes are what I have more passion for,and that began in 2014 when i had some time off at home. Taking what I'd learnt to do with buttercream icing on cupcakes, to the next level.

Starting off with the rosette buttercream swirl, moving onto petal or dot dragging, and challenging myself to make a Louis Vuitton Hand bag cake and tiered cakes and the challenges  of fondant.


As a full time flight attendant, finding amazing shops around the world that carry different cake decorating tools and ideas to bring home is just part of my inspiration. I most enjoyed going to the original "Carlos Bakery" in Hoboken, New Jersey, where Buddy Valastro started filming "Cake Boss" the TV series, I have also visited his Times Square Bakery, along with Dominic Ansels Bakery in Manhatten - the orignal cronut maker, and of course the famous "Magonlia Bakery" as I hear it was made famous by the TV show "Sex and the City".


My favourite stores to buy my tools are "Micheals" in USA and "Cake Deco" in Melbourne have a great range too.


Only keeping it small for now, however cakes are taking over when Im home and keeping me busy, and its exciting. Coming up with new ideas, going to shows and events keep the imagination and inspiration going, and new tools and ingredients to try.


In 2015, I entered my first Cake Decorating Competition at the Cake and Craft Show in Auckland, and was totally blown away that I came 2nd in my catagory. I will be planning ahead to enter another competition and looking to take it out!


My cakes will always be unique, one and only, and never replicated exactly the same,  thats one thing I like to stick to, always coming up with new exciting ways to make my cakes.

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