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Check out my Cupcake and Cake Flavours page to give you some Inspiration

Not sure what flavour cake or cupcakes you would like?

See my extensive list of flavours... including my specialty cupcake flavours also available on select weekends at Activzone Sports Arena

- Cherry Ripe

- Jaffa

- Perky Nana

- Mint Chocolate

- Double Double Chocolate

- Bubblegum

- Grape

- S'mores

- Strawberries and cream

- Vanilla Creme

- Jelly Tip

- Funfetti

- Rose

- Salted Caramel

-Lemon Passionfruit

And certainly not limited to... if you have a flavour in mind and its not on my list let me know, and I can look into making it for you!

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