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The Great Gatsby

I was really excited to make this Great Gatsby 1920's cake. David gave me free range on flavours and decoration, so picking out something a little different was great... and a bit of expirementing with icing flavours.

The Base tier is a layered Chocolate cake, using San Francisco's finest Ghiradelli chocolate. The icing is cherries and raspberries with a dash of Singpore Sling and Chataeu Monet for added flavour in a swiss butter cream.

The top tier is coconut layer cake which the recipe called for coconut cream, I havent seen in alot of coconut recipes, and the icing is passionfruit cream cheese.

The decoration black and gold fondant in which kept me busy till 2am the day of the party.

Pintrest is a wonderful tool for inspiration!

"Thank you soo much for the beautiful cake Courtney, it was amazing and delicious"

- David & Sam

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