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Cake and Craft Show Auckland 2015

I entered the Look Sharp Cake Decorating competition, thinking outside the box and really taking in what they were looking for. The Wow factor, originality and creativity, degree of difficulty, presentation and execution.

My ideas behind my creation, was the Indian Wedding Cake "Theme", not necessarily being a wedding cake in this case. I chose Indian design due to its intricacies in detail and bright eye popping colors, with the use of peacock, which is the national bird and the drape of the fondant in a sari like fashion with the peacock feathers flowing down the front edge. The Peacock and the peahen looking into each others eyes.

I chose different sugar craft mediums, such as Lace, fondant, edible paint and color dusts and shimmers.

My Cake decorations are 100% edible, in which my catagory only actually needed to be 80% edible.

Each tail "feather" on my peacocks were cut out and colored individually.

I did freehand art work around the back and sides of the cake with edible paints, and the use of single color sprinkle balls for detail in conjuction with fondant imprints of the lotus and paisley pattern.

To complete the look i sprayed the cake with a glaze to get the shiny finish.

Im super happy with coming 2nd in my very first cake decorating cake competition and looking forward to the next one next year, if not before.

Just got my results, and super stoked with my marks, 1 point in it between 1st and 2nd!

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